Team size : Maximum two people are allowed per team. | Ages : All ages are allowed

Implementation is overrated!



  1. Maximum team size is 2.
  2. Internet is not allowed.
  3. Any use of internet will classify as a case of using unfair means.
  4. You can only discuss with your team member.
  5. Discussion with anyone else will be considered as a case of cheating.
  6. No language specific coding is expected from the participants, only pseudocodes are required.
  7. All algorithms/pseudo codes must be supported with time complexity(Big -O or Theta notation) even if the question doesn’t explicitly ask for it.
  8. Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team that is found guilty of cheating or using unfair means.
  9. Certain questions (already marked in the question set) will serve as tiebreakers if needed.
  10. Sheets to write answers will be provided.
  11. All questions are mandatory.
  12. In case of any conflict, the decision of the event organizers shall prevail.