Team size : Registrations in groups of 3 shall be eligible for a 10% discount, and registrations in groups of 5 shall be eligible for a 25% discount. If you register as a group, please ensure that each team members enters the same team name in the specified format. Registering as a team is only for discounts for registering. It is an individual tournament. EACH TEAM MEMBER MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY | Ages : School and College Students

“When you see a good move, look for a better one”-Lasker



  1. - It is an individual event open to school and college students only.
  2. Participants must carry their School/College ID Card.
  3. Time Control: 25 minutes per person.
    Arbiters may decide to add a clock to any ongoing game.
    In that case the time allotted to each player is at the sole
    discretion of the arbiters/event coordinators.
  4. There will be no separate tournament for girls,
    but only a single tournament open to all.
  5. The pairing of the players for a particular round will be
    done by Swiss System of Pairing
  6. The decision of the Arbiter/Event Coordinators shall be final in case of any discrepancies. Along with the rules mentioned above, all the rules outlined by FIDE for Tournament shall be applicable. Rules and eligibility criteria are subject to change in the spirit of the Fest and the final decision rests with the Arbiter and the organising team.