Team size : Minimum 1 ,Maximum of 5 people | Ages : Above 10 age group allowed.

Capture the ExtraOrdinary



  1. This event is open to all colleges with a limit of 1 entry per theme.
  2. Alumnis from different colleges are also invited to participate in the event.
  3. The picture should be saved as " Participant's College_Participant's Name.jpeg ". In case of ALUMNI, the picture should be in the form " Participant's
    College_Participant's Name_Passout Year.jpeg "
  4. The entries are to be accompanied with a caption not longer than 20 words.
  5. Copyright : The copyright in all images submitted to the Competition will remain with the owner who will be credited. Each entrant grants to the Organizers a license to use their images in relation to the Competition and the Exhibition, if required.
  6. There must not be any watermarks, copyright marks or any text/graphic on the picture.
  7. Please limit your adjustment to minor changes of cropping, sharpening and contrast. Avoid significant over or under color saturation. Dodging (to brighten shadows) or burning (to darken highlights) is allowed, but the alterations should enable the photograph to closely resemble what you see. Please avoid any extensive manipulation.
  8. The participant should be ready with the original image when asked upon by the organisers.
  9. The minimum resolution of the pictures should be 2000 pixels on the shorter side. However, images should not exceed 8 MB in size.
  10. Stitched panoramas are allowed.
  11. The photo should not have been previously entered in any competition/exhibition
  12. Plagiarism should be strictly avoided and such photographs shall be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  13. A participant is allowed a maximum of 3 entries (1 entry per theme).
  14. The Evaluation Criteria is as follows :

    40% - Number of Facebook likes

    10% - Caption

    50% - Judges' ratings