IPL Auction

Team size : 2 - 5 per team | Ages : NA

Do you have the Cricket-keeda inside you and the ability to make a perfect bid?



  1. Registrations are free.

    Round 1 (QUIZ)
    1. There will be a quiz having 25 questions.
    2. The questions will be based majorly on IPL and cricket in general.
    3. There will be some star marked questions which will be having higher priority only in case of ties.
    4. No use of stats guide or Internet would be allowed during the quiz.
    5. Discussion between group members is permitted.
    6. Top 8-10 teams will qualify for the next and final round which is the Auctions.

    Round 2 (AUCTIONS)
    1. The player auction would consist 125+ players.
    2. Players would be divided into different categories such as Batsman, Bowler, etc.
    3. Each team will be having a fixed budget which they can use for auction.
    4. Each player has a defined rating based on their current performances and record.
    5. Some of the player stats would be provided during the auction.
    NOTE: Players rating will NOT be solely dependent on these stats.
    The total sum of all the player’s rating would ultimately decide the winner.
    In case of any dispute, discrepancy organisers decision would be final.