ProCon Jr

Team size : Only Individual Participation is allowed | Ages : The online prelims are open for everybody, however only school students will be eligible for Onsite Finals and prizes. The participant must be studying in an Indian school in a class between VI to XII (or equivalent).

“Code to fight, Code to survive, Code to win”

A competitive programming contest exclusively for school students.



  1. Please do not discuss strategy, suggestions or tips in the comments during a live contest. Posting questions clarifying the problem statement is ok.
  2. Discussing problems or any aspect of problem, on any other platform on web, on identification, could lead to disqualification from the contest.
  3. Allowed languages: C, C++, Java, Python.
  4. Each program will be tested based on our critical test data. However, output and input should be exactly as specified in the samples provided
  5. Please contact for any queries during the contest.
  6. All problems have a binary grading. You will be given 100 points only if you pass all the testcases.
  7. You can submit solutions as many times as you'd like, there is 10 minutes time penalty for incorrect submissions. Only your best correct submission will be considered.
  8. Those who achieve the score first will be placed higher in the rank list in case of a tie.
  9. The decision of the organizers in declaring the results will be final. No queries in this regard will be entertained.
  10. Any participant found to be indulging in any form of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.