Team size : 1-4 | Ages : Open for school and college Students

Follow the trail



  1. The bot must be of size 15X15X15 cm or lower to be eligible to compete in the contest any bigger bots will be disqualified.
  2. The track will not be shown before the event and its not allowed to view before the run of the event. Any violation may lead to a disqualification of the team.
  3. The track will be 7X6 feet with 2.5cm thick lines for the track.
  4. All wireless communication on the bot must be switched off. Any violation of this rule will lead to the disqualification of the team.
  5. The team is allowed 10 resets and each reset will lead to 7 seconds penalty and a skip may be allowed for a 15 seconds time penalty. Also the maximum time allowed per team will be of 4 min.
  6. The maximum voltage between any two points must not be greater than 24V.
  7. Decision taken by the Event Head will be final.