Team size : 1-4 | Ages : Open for school and college Students

Do your best - beat the rest!



  1. Permissible weight of Robots : Less than 3kg.
  2. Dimension of Robots : Less than 30 X 30 cms.
  3. Fixtures :

     The whole event will comprise of two rounds, Round-1 will be the Preliminary round and the Round-2 will be Final round. After Round-1, top 10-20 percent of participants will qualify for Round-2 (percentage of participants qualifying for Round-2 will depend upon number of participants for Round-1 and is thus tentative).

     In Round-2, certain element of track will be modified to increase difficulty, new elements may be added.
  4. In both the Rounds, participants will race their robots individually, i.e., no two robots will race on the track at the same time.
  5. Judging criterions for both the Rounds:

     Distance or Percentage Completion of Race Track.

     Time to cover that Distance.

     In case if any two Robots have same distance. Then, we consider the time.
  6. Maximum of 2 Recovery chances are allowed if the robot falls off the track, or gets stuck in a sector of the track. Third time, the race is over.
  7. If the Robot malfunctions or Stop working. The participants will be given atmost 60 seconds to make it functional back again else the race is over. And the time they use to fix their Robot will be counted in their final race time.