Speed Cubing

Team size : 1 | Ages : NA

We mess it up, you solve it.



  1. Solving cube before starting stack mat will lead to penalty.
  2. Stopping stack mat before finishing cube will lead to penalty.
  3. Starting cube after completing inspection time will lead to penal
  4. Make sure that you will start solving cube before the timer runs out of time.
  5. There will be time limit after the time limit is crossed, the attempt will be stopped and will be considered DNF (Did not finish).
  6. A puzzle is solved when all colour parts are reassembled and all parts are aligned within the limits specified below

    a) If one face of the cube is misaligned by at most 45 degrees.

    b) Else it is considered equivalent to requiring one more move to solve the cube
    and in such a case there will be a penalty of 2 seconds.

    c) In any other state in which more than one move is required to solve the cube,
    the puzzle is considered unsolved (DNF).
  7. Decision of event head is final.
  8. Event head can modify the rules according to the situation, assuring you that no biasing will happen.