Team size : 2 | Ages : Any

Keep your enemies close but your friends closer



  1. The contest duration is of 90 minutes.
  2. Languages allowed are C, C++,C++11,Java, python 2.7.3 and python 3.
  3. All inputs for the programming problem are taken from the standard input and the output is written into the standard output.
  4. Use of the internet is not allowed, except to access the contest portal.
  5. The contest will be held on foobar contest portal (fcp ) in IIIT Delhi.
  6. Allowed team size is 2.
  7. No communication is allowed between the team members except the verbal communication given as a reward for answering the questions asked during switching task correctly. However, use of comments in the code is allowed.
  8. The decision of the organizers shall be final and binding.
  9. Organizers have the right to disqualify any team if they break any rule.