Zero Prerequisite Tournament

Team size : 1 - 3 | Ages : 17+

A challenge where there's no difference between a 10th grader and a graduate



  1. You’ll be given a handout on an exotic topic chosen by the problem setters. The handout would have reading material, examples, and questions. Your aim is to learn the new topic quickly, and answer the questions
  2. There are no prerequisites apart from basic math skills and your problem solving abilities
  3. You won’t be allowed to access the internet / any material other than what’s provided during the session
  4. This will be a 2 round contest, all participants will attempt both rounds, their performance in both rounds will decide who wins.
  5. Each round would be 60-75 minutes long. Time when you submit would be considered for tie breaking. Other than tie-breaking, there are no points for submitting sooner or later.
  6. You aren’t allowed to discuss with other teams